Rokka App

Project information

  • Category: Android Studio
  • Project date: May, 2020
  • Project URL: Github
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Rokka - Money tracker for farmers and shopkeepers

Keep track of wages paid to workers, money lent/borrowed and expenses.
Writing in a notebook is old in this era, digitizing your record keeping method using a real-time app.


- Labour wages manager
- Keep record of money lent or borrowed
- Keep record of expenses

📖 What did I learn?

This app was developed when I just started learning Android Development. I learnt about ListView (Yeah! That time I didn't know RecyclerView exists!), customising it with multiple functionalities and adding filters. Also, I learnt to implement multi-language support. This project helped me to understand the overall Android development process.

I tried to implement database backup to the Google Drive feature but couldn't. I should try again.

Since, this app can be used by many peoples, it motivated me to get a developer account of Playstore. I deployed this app on Playstore and gave multiple updates. Currently this app has 90+ downloads and 22 reviews.